For the Love of :: Vintage Trolleys

I wish Minneapolis/St. Paul still had the trolley car lines. I would love to hop on a trolley car for an afternoon of shopping downtown, and not have to bother with traffic and parking (I hate paying to park!). The lines used to run all over the burbs, making it easy to get to either downtown. Our trolley cars suffered the same fate as most trolley cars in the US: they were destroyed in the 1950’s as people commuted more and more with cars..

5th and Hennepin, MInneapolis - 1950

4th and Hennepin Avenue, Minneapolis - 1952

7th Street and Wabasha Street, St. Paul - 1952

Out in the burbs -44th and France Avenue, Edina - 1953

45th and France Avenue, Edina - 1952

Twin Cities Trolley Car Line Map - 1914

The End of the Trolley Lines - 1954


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