For the Love of :: Books

I’m an avid book reader. But I’m not an avid book buyer. I love my local library. It is so easy to look at the library catalog online and reserve books I want to read, then the library emails me when my books are ready and I can run in and out in less than 5 minutes with my new stack of books.

Even though I don’t buy a lot of books, my collection is probably larger than the average person’s. Someday, I hope to have a home library slash reading room as lovely as these.

Book A-Frame

Book Shelves Stairs

Work space

Books and Stairs


4 thoughts on “For the Love of :: Books

  1. I have the same dream! Currently we have a room with two walls covered in books. Not bad for a Brooklyn apartment, but I’m pretty sure my book collection will warrant me moving into a bigger place in the future!

    • Two walls sounds nice 🙂 I live in a town home with decent enough space and I keep my books in a couple of boxes in the spare room’s closet. Still trying to figure out where to put a bookcase.

  2. A girl after my own heart!! I’m happiest curled up with a good book. However, I have to buy them because apparently I’m not responsible enough for library membership (I’m pretty sure I have an astronomical “late fee” at my local public library… there’s probably a poster of me somewhere behind the desk with “Don’t lend books to this girl!”). I love stocking up at used book stores, and I dream of having a special library space in my home.

    • Too funny! My library has a pretty generous late-fee cushion – you can have $10 in late fees and still check out books. I think I’m around $9 right now, but I’ve had to pay $10+ a few times.

      I love used books stores and friends of the library book sales! I just went to a friends of the library sale last weekend where paperbacks were 50 cents and hardbacks $1.

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