For the Love of :: Pinterest

I discovered Pinterest about 5 months ago, and I have since been completely sucked in by it. I check Pinterest everyday, usually 3 to 4 times. I was a bit surprised by how quickly I fell into the black hole (said with love) of Pinterest. I have a Twitter account, but it never really clicked for me. And of course I have a Facebook account, but I only check that about every other day. Pinterest is definitely my social media obsession!

A few of my friends have told me they tried Pinterest, but were frustrated by the search feature. And I agree! Search on this site is not the best, and we have only the Pinterest community to blame. It is my pet-peeve to see no description with a pin, or worse yet just a period. These pins will never be found in search!

If you are using Pinterest to promote your business, you need to understand how to use keywords to ensure your pins are being found in search.

Here is a really easy tutorial for using keywords:

  1. Think about what words you would use to search for your pin, then use all of them.
    Outfit pins are super common and one of the most abused on Pinterest. This is an outfit that I pinned and in the description I put: “love everything about this outfit – crossbody bag, boots, trench, white shirt.” I still put a little comment of my own at the beginning, but then I used keywords that people might search for.
  2. Seriously. Use all of the keywords.
    Here’s another one of my pins that’s been pretty popular. I originally pinned this 9 weeks ago, and someone repinned it yesterday. In the description I put: “MAGIC Decal Transfer Tutorial with Free Printables! DIY container jars.” Tutorial and DIY mean almost the same thing, but someone may search for one or the other. Since I used both words, this pin will show up in either search. Don’t simply put “I’m so going to try this!” How would anyone find this pin with those words?
  3. ALL of the keywords.

    For recipe pins, I try to list all of the main ingredients. For this description I put: “Portuguese Stew by Aida – bacon, chorizo, potatoes, and tomatoes – how can you go wrong? Great comfort food that makes lots of leftovers.”Again, don’t just put something like “yum!” or “sounds delicious.”

Of course, there is more to mastering Pinterest to promote your business (such as great photos and finding followers), but using keywords is so easy that there is no excuse not do it.


3 thoughts on “For the Love of :: Pinterest

  1. I love Pinterest, too, and I think they just need to revamp their search. Having the comment area for each pin is so awesome, but I’d like a separate way to put in tags to make the search more relevant. I get so irritated when I can’t find what I want!

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