Waffle Knit Dishcloths

After knitting about a dozen cowls, I decided I needed to try a new knitting project. While browsing the yarn selection, the bright colors from Lily Sugar’n Cream caught my eye – Hot Green (lime), Hot Orange (neon), Hot Pink, Red, Sunshine (bright yellow). These colors looked like summer to me, and at $1.99 a skein, I decided I had to knit a few dishcloths.

I used Homespun Living’s free Waffle Knit Dishcloth pattern available here. I used Hot Green and White to make my pair of Lime Striped Waffle Knit Dishcloths. I started my stripe after repeating the main color 8 times, but other than that I made no mods.

Lime Striped Dishcloth

I still have a skein of Hot Pink and Sunshine, with a little bit left of Hot Green and White. I’m planning to make fruit shaped pot holders. I’ll post pics when they’re done!

Pattern: Waffle Knit Dishcloth by Debbie Andriulli
Yarn: Lily Sugar’n Cream Solids & Denim in white and hot green
My Ravelry project: Lime Striped Waffle Knit Dishcloth Pair


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