On Vacation

On Vacation in Alaska

For the next two weeks, I will be on vacation in Alaska. No posts until I get back. I will definitely be posting some pics.


For the Love of :: Bikes

As a west coast transplant living in the Twin Cities, I’m always amazed by how great Minnesota is. Truth be told, my incorrect assumptions about Minnesota pre-relocation probably has a lot to do with people on the coasts referring to the middle of the country as “the fly-over states.”

I love riding my bike, and the Cities has a ton of bike trails. Minneapolis was named the most bike-friendly city in the country by Bicycle Magazine, beating out Portland, OR, and Boulder, CO. And Minnesota has more bike trails than any other state.

I just found this great video by Pedal Minnesota that highlights some great biking across the state.

Where the Heart Is

So full disclaimer, I did not come up with the idea for this design. I saw something similar at an art fair this summer and instantly thought “that’s so cool!” If you are not graphic design savvy and want to purchase something similar, you have many options available on Etsy.

This year is my parent’s 40th wedding anniversary, and I wanted to give them a personalized keepsake for this special occasion.  Since my parents have been married, they have moved 10 times. I thought a map marked with all of the places they have lived would be a wonderful reminder of their lives together.

I found a free map of the US in eps format on the US Air Force website. I used Adobe Illustrator to create the layout. The traditional gift for the 40th anniversary is the ruby, so I used a vivid red for the background.

Where the Heart Is Map

This is a really simple idea that makes a great gift! Honestly, I spent more time deciding on which shade of red to use then I did on the layout.

Made Collection

If you have spent any time searching the internet for American Made products, you know how frustrating it can be to find fashionable products geared towards a younger generation. While these products are out there, they can be a little tricky to find through the clutter of the internet.

To safe yourself time and money, you need to head over right now to Made Collection and sign up for their free flash-sale website. The site features premium American Made products offered for a limited time and in limited quantities at deeply discounted prices. The best part (other than buying really cool stuff) is that you earn Boom Points that go towards future deals.

Learn more about the new site with their short and informative video:

Made Collection. Shopping With A Mission. from Made Movement on Vimeo.

Blog Direction

This blog is still very new (only 2 months old), but I’ve realized my original ideas for the theme of the blog have not panned out. Although I love DIY, baking/cooking, and fashion blogs, those are not topics I feel passionate enough about to cover on a weekly basis.

Moving forward I will discuss graphic design (with tutorials and free printables), American Made brands, knitting, and the occasional post about current events.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the new direction!

For the Love of :: Hudson’s Bay Blanket

I am in love with Hudson’s Bay blankets! These blankets have been around since the fur trade was big business in North America. The blankets are still made in England just like they were 200+ years ago, and they are iconic in Canada and northern U.S. states.

In the U.S., you can buy the blankets through Woolrich. Like any timeless, quality piece, they are not cheap. Pendleton also makes wool blankets, even a throw with the iconic stripes, for a more affordable price.

hudson bay blanket

And if you love to knit, Purl Bee has a great Hudson’s Bay inspired blanket pattern.

purl bee hudson bay pattern