WIP: Hudson Bay Inspired Blanket

I’ve been itching to make the Purl Bee’s Hudson Bay Inspired Crib Blanket ever since I came across the pattern this summer. But I didn’t have anyone to make the blanket for until last month when a friend announced she is expecting a little one. So I set to work knitting this beautiful blanket. I decided that even though I love the iconic stripes of the Hudson Bay Blanket, I wasn’t sure if my friend would love them as much as me. So I’m knitting the stripes in gray and yellow to match her baby room decorations.

WIP Hudson Bay Baby Blanket

The blanket is coming along beautifully, although the seemingly endless rows of garter stitch are starting to get to me. And I’m already itching to start a more challenging knit project.

Fall has arrived in Minnesota, and I have my eye on a few sweaters on Ravelry. Here are the 3 I’m considering for my next project:
Fable Cardigan

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