Handmade Care Labels :: Printables

I created this handmade gift tag to go along with two baby blankets I recently gifted. Both blankets needed to be gently washed and laid flat to dry, so the care instructions on the backside reflect this. These gift tags will work great for you if your are gifting delicate and/or wool pieces.


Click here to download pdf

How to Print and Cut the Labels

What you’ll need:

  • Printer
  • Paper (I recommend card stock)
  • Paper cutter – the rotary paper trimmers that are popular with crafters work best, but you can also use a t-square and razor blade. Scissors make it tricky to get a perfect square.
  • Hole punch
  • String or ribbon

The cards are designed for a printer with 0.25″ margins. Each tag is 2.5″W x 4″L. Start measuring and cutting from the top left corner.

  1. Print out on single page, front and back.
  2. When looking at the front of the printout, remove 0.25″ margins from the top, left, and bottom sides of the page. You can now begin measuring individual tags. Please note that the right side of the page has a 0.75″ margin.
  3. Punch hole in top of individual tags and attach string.

NOTE – these are offered for your personal use only. You cannot reproduce for profit or present as an original design.


Hudson Bay Inspired Baby Blanket

It took months of garter stitch and hours of dread, but I finally finished the Hudson Bay Inspired Baby Blanket the day before my friend’s baby shower. I started this project back in September and blogged about it before here. The pattern was super easy – just knit, knit, knit, and more knit. If I ever make this blanket it again (and honestly, I have vowed to never make another baby blanket again because of this blanket) I will use a bulky weight yarn and/or cast on fewer stitches.


The mother-to-be loved the blanket, and it did come out beautifully. My husband wants me to make this blanket again when we have a baby, which is why even though I’ve vowed to never make another baby blanket, I might just have to.

A note about the yarns. I loved Patons Classic Wool yarn and will definitely use it again! The only downside in using it for a baby blanket is that it’s 100% wool and therefore not machine washable. As for the Sheep(ish) yarns, I loved the colors but hated the yarns! The yarns will not tightly spun and my needles kept going in between the fibers.

Pattern: Hudson Bay Inspired Crib Blanket by Purl Bee
Yarn: Patons Classic Wool Worsted in Winter White and Vickie Howell Sheep(ish) in Gray(ish) and Yellow(ish)
My Ravelry project: Hudson Bay Inspired Baby Blanket