Hudson Bay Inspired Baby Blanket

It took months of garter stitch and hours of dread, but I finally finished the Hudson Bay Inspired Baby Blanket the day before my friend’s baby shower. I started this project back in September and blogged about it before here. The pattern was super easy – just knit, knit, knit, and more knit. If I ever make this blanket it again (and honestly, I have vowed to never make another baby blanket again because of this blanket) I will use a bulky weight yarn and/or cast on fewer stitches.


The mother-to-be loved the blanket, and it did come out beautifully. My husband wants me to make this blanket again when we have a baby, which is why even though I’ve vowed to never make another baby blanket, I might just have to.

A note about the yarns. I loved Patons Classic Wool yarn and will definitely use it again! The only downside in using it for a baby blanket is that it’s 100% wool and therefore not machine washable. As for the Sheep(ish) yarns, I loved the colors but hated the yarns! The yarns will not tightly spun and my needles kept going in between the fibers.

Pattern: Hudson Bay Inspired Crib Blanket by Purl Bee
Yarn: Patons Classic Wool Worsted in Winter White and Vickie Howell Sheep(ish) in Gray(ish) and Yellow(ish)
My Ravelry project: Hudson Bay Inspired Baby Blanket


2 thoughts on “Hudson Bay Inspired Baby Blanket

  1. This blanket turned out brilliantly and I love the colours you chose. It’s a shame it wasn’t enjoyable to knit as the result is so good – miles and miles of garter stitch can get a little boring, but maybe if you make it again you could start really far in advance and just have it as a ‘pick up and knit whilst doing other things’ type project with other more interesting knitting in between?

    • Thanks! This was a great project to work on while watching tv because it was pretty mindless. I do love how the blanket turned out, but the finished size was huge. I was hoping for a car seat sized blanket, but this was much bigger. If I make this blanket again, I will cast on fewer stitches and work on more challenging projects at the same time.

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