Maternity Clothes

I am 20 weeks pregnant and I’ve started buying maternity clothes. I’m lucky to still be wearing all of my regular clothes, but those days are definitely numbered. The baby was not happy today with the tightness of my skinny jeans.

I don’t want to spend a fortune on clothes that I’m only going to wear for a few months, but I don’t want the clothes falling apart before I can wear my regular clothes again either. So I was very excited to find PinkBlush Maternity online, and doubly excited to learn that their clothes are Made in USA.

They were recently have a site-wide sale, so I picked up four items. Although I can’t say that I’m excited to wear maternity clothes, it does help to have some cute items to pick from.

Mustard Heart Print Maternity Top

Update: I returned this top. I loved the pattern, but the fit was off.

Mint Green White Striped Maternity Tank W/ Necklace

Update: Love this top! Mine has a lot more extra fabric than the model in the front and back, but I’m sure I’ll grow into it.

Aqua Red Colorblock Maternity Maxi Dress

Update: I returned this dress too. The fit was cute, but the material was way too thin.

Royal Blue Print Ruffled Maternity Tunic

Update: This is my favorite! I need to sew the straps as they are a little long (and they don’t come adjustable), but I love the pattern and the fit.


Starting Over :: WIP Wednesday

This is not a typical work-in-progress post because I don’t have any pictures to share. Last night, I cast-off on the Spiral Cowl I’ve been working on as a just-cause gift for my mom. I took a look at the top and bottom edges and realized they didn’t look quite the same. I showed it to my husband and he said it wasn’t really noticeable, but after staring at it for a few minutes it was all I could see. At first, I tried to redo the final edge but I wasn’t satisfied. I realized I just didn’t like the edging on either side and decided to start over with a modification to that part of the pattern. So what took me about a week to create, I ripped out in less than 10 minutes.

The mod I’m going to make is skipping the picot edging and instead working 8 rows in garter stitch. There are a few knitters on Ravelry who made this mod and I love how it turned out.

Knittomo’s Put a Bird on It

Elephantjuice’s Cowl

Martifavorites’ Spiral Cowl

Dino Cap

A friend of mine is expecting her second baby boy in May. Since I just finished knitting two baby blankets for some other friends, I decided to knit a hat and cardigan for this friend’s bundle of joy. I found this Dino Cap pattern on Ravelry and thought it was perfect for a little boy. I have quite a bit of yarn left, so I’m also planning to make the very popular Baby Sophisticate cardigan.


This was my first-ever knit hat, and boy did I learn a lot with this project! I love the way the body of the hat turned out. The ear flaps are very cute, and I love the double-layer construction. I was not very impressed with the spikes pattern, so I did a lot of googling and found another spike pattern I preferred – you can download the free pattern here. If I make this hat again though, I will follow the spike instructions found here on Ravelry. This knitter made her spikes on dpns and I really like the crisp edges of her spikes.


I used Berroco Vintage for this hat and loved working with it! The yarn is very soft and easy to knit. The best part is that it’s machine washable – perfect for a kid’s hat.

Pattern: Dino Cap by Bagatelle
Yarn: Berroco Vintage in Fennel and Tang
My Ravelry project: Dino Cap