Dino Cap

A friend of mine is expecting her second baby boy in May. Since I just finished knitting two baby blankets for some other friends, I decided to knit a hat and cardigan for this friend’s bundle of joy. I found this Dino Cap pattern on Ravelry and thought it was perfect for a little boy. I have quite a bit of yarn left, so I’m also planning to make the very popular Baby Sophisticate cardigan.


This was my first-ever knit hat, and boy did I learn a lot with this project! I love the way the body of the hat turned out. The ear flaps are very cute, and I love the double-layer construction. I was not very impressed with the spikes pattern, so I did a lot of googling and found another spike pattern I preferred – you can download the free pattern here. If I make this hat again though, I will follow the spike instructions found here on Ravelry. This knitter made her spikes on dpns and I really like the crisp edges of her spikes.


I used Berroco Vintage for this hat and loved working with it! The yarn is very soft and easy to knit. The best part is that it’s machine washable – perfect for a kid’s hat.

Pattern: Dino Cap by Bagatelle
Yarn: Berroco Vintage in Fennel and Tang
My Ravelry project: Dino Cap



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