Mom Calling Cards :: Printables

I love the idea of a calling card. Obviously in my professional life I hand out business cards, but calling cards just seem so much more personal and old-fashioned. I created these mom calling cards in anticipation of my own little man arriving soon and the inevitable play dates that will follow.


I made the file a fillable pdf, which means you can customize these free printable calling cards. You only need to enter your information on the upper-most lefthand card, and your info will automatically fill-in on the other cards when you hit ‘tab.’ I included two lines for your name, in case you have a longer name. If you have a short name like me, using the top line is optional.


Since these cards are not baby- or kid-themed, you could also use these cards as your own personal calling card. Instead of using the second line to list your kid’s name, you could list your website or blog.

Click here to download pdf

How to Print and Cut the Labels

What you’ll need:

Option 1:

  • Printer
  • I designed these cards to fit the Avery Business Cards 8371 template. If you don’t want to cut out your cards, you can simply buy this paper at any office supply store.

Option 2:

  • Printer
  • Paper (I recommend card stock)
  • Paper cutter – the rotary paper trimmers that are popular with crafters work best, but you can also use a t-square and razor blade. Scissors make it tricky to get a perfect square.

Start measuring and cutting from the top left corner.

  1. Print out on single page, front and back.
  2. When looking at the front of the printout, margins are as follows: top 0.75″, bottom 0.75″, left 0.5″, right 0.5″. Remove margins to begin cutting individual cards.
  3. Each card is 2″W x 3.5″L.

NOTE – these are offered for your personal use only. You cannot reproduce for profit or present as an original design.


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